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In the South Cottage kitchen, you will find information on some practical things, and a note on cost. Here is an excerpt, which outlines the principle on which the cottage works.

People often ask us “what should we pay?” and our answer is usually “whatever you can afford.” But this isn't awfully helpful in a world where everything has a price and bills do have to be paid, so let's attempt to clarify.

Our belief is that South Cottage is indeed there to be a channel of God’s blessing to those who need it or want it, and nothing, not even money, should get in the way of that vision. Ergo, “whatever you can afford”. At the same time we do hope to have enough income from the cottage to cover costs, such as insurance, water and maintenance. Usage is such that we now need a cleaner to help us keep on top, and we send linen to the laundry for the same reason. These (latter) costs are incurred every time there is a turn-round, even if the stay has been for only one night.

We think that the ‘going rate’ for this sort of property might be between Ł60 and Ł120 a day depending on how many days you stay and the time of year. If you can afford this, then please contribute accordingly to the “KJT Fund”. But if you can't, don't feel embarrassed and certainly don’t stop coming! We are trusting that the generosity of those who can afford to pay the full amount will balance the equal generosity but smaller donation of those who are not well off.

Our major outlays are for energy (electricity and oil), laundry and cleaning. We hope that most guests will be able to cover these direct costs. (In the past, some people have minimised expense by bringing their own bed linen and towels and by cleaning at the end of their stay. Others have wanted a complete break and to be blessed by us getting it done! For the moment, however, post-COVID, we don't think it is safe to offer self-service of this kind so we will clean and launder for you.